Abbeydale Park Bowling Club

Welcome to Abbeydale Park Bowling Club, an idyllic venue at Abbeydale Sports Club where you are able to learn to play crown green bowls, make new friends and have fun!

This is just the BEST club to join if you want to learn a new game, you are new to the area or feeling a bit lonely. You will be guaranteed the warmest of welcomes by this friendly club which is the only social bowling club in Sheffield.

The Club is run by an elected committee which strives to improve and move the club forward. Below are the Vision, Mission Statements and the Values which under pin this club


To enable members to enjoy the game of Crown Green Bowls at all levels whilst encouraging confidence and opportunities for relaxed social interaction and supportive friendships.


To actively promote Crown Green Bowls in the local and wider community and further develop social activities to counter isolation and promote well being. To ensure we have well managed procedures and opportunities to generate sufficient funding to maintain and develop APBC now and in the future.


To promote the club to enable it to flourish and support recruitment of new members and retention of existing members.
Provide an inviting and enjoyable Crown Green Bowling experience.
To promote competition alongside good sportsmanship and humour.
To be aware of and support fellow members physical and mental well being.
To conduct ourselves within the club rules and show respect for others at all times.
To be committed to looking forward and strive to continually develop and improve the club in order to meet the needs of fellow members.
To support fund raising activities and social events.


Here is a little synopsis of what the game of Crown Green Bowls entails You must roll 2 bowls, sometimes known as woods towards a smaller target bowl known as a jack.

It sounds easy as it is played on a specially prepared short cut smooth grass, but here is the challenge there is a crown of as high as 30cm in the middle of the green and the jack and bowls have a bias. This makes the game very interesting, fun and at times frustrating when your bowl does not do what you intended it to! The green has a ditch around the edge and slopes on all sides towards the ditch.

The good thing is that all you need to start is a pair of flat shoes (you can borrow club bowls) a bit of perseverance and a good slice of humour.
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